A Better Way to Pumpkin - Part One The Preparation

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It's late in the year for us brewers but it's still that season when one thing comes to rule all the beer making forums (and coffee shops and well, everywhere it seems.) - pumpkin pie. Seriously, I was in my local Target the other day and this was a sign that greeted me. Just your everyday basic flavor of M&M I'm just going to assume (possibly fervently hope) this means we've reached peak Pumpkin Spice. Seriously, I love Pumpkin Pie.

Totally Forgot - The Chowdah Reviews

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You know - I totally forgot to talk about this after the NHC - but y'all remember the Clam Chowdah Saison? The stuff of legend and trepidatious responses from brewers across the world? Well, we poured it at the AHA NHC Club Night and it was a hit. All five gallons went away in a hurry! Between the CC Saison, Annie's Chicken Ale and the Austin Zealots Spam Mead - I think the AHA needs to have a meat themed bar at one of these events. :) A Glass Full of Fear

2015 AHA Conference Talk Slides/Audio Now Available!

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The AHA is definitely speeding up their turnaround times! Just a few weeks ago we were all chilling in San Diego - now we're able to catch up on the things we missed! All of the seminars and speeches are recorded by the AHA and offered as a member perk. That's right, you have to be a member to access all the talks, but look, why aren't you?

Craftmeister Cleaners - The Picturing - Carboy Test

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N.B. - Craftmeister (aka National Chemicals) sent me a sample kit to try out. After Denny broke away from his usual cheap ways and gave the Craftmeister products his thumbs up, I had to get my hands on a kit to test out as well. In the kit - 3 lb tubs of the Alkaline Brewery Wash, Oxygen Brewery Wash, a jar of Keg & Carboy Tablets and a jar of Growler Tablets. In this test, we'll look at one of the most common tasks facing homebrewers - the carboy yeast ring of crud - aka a wonderful amalgamation of protein and yeast detritus.

More Blathering - The BeerSmith Edition!

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Need some more Denny and Drew in your life? Of course you do! We each just taped appearances on Brad Smith's BeerSmith podcast. Denny before Brazil and Drew after

Denny talking evaluation
Denny (BeerSmith's Page with Full Summary and Video)

Drew talking Recipe Transformation
Drew (Beersmith's Page with full summary and video)

Don't Age Your Beer (too much)

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I've now reached the age where I have to assume that there are number of people who no longer share (or were at least exposed to) common cultural touchpoints for my generation. So here you go - I still to this day sing this song when I'm making a salad. It's usually in my head because the world doesn't need the torture that is me singing.

Clam Chowder Saison (or... Chowdah Saison)

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John Palmer, Denny and Drew Brewing Selfie It all started with Denny being a smart ass. To some of our dallying All-Stars, Denny sent the following line in an email

I really didn't want to have to bug you like this...really! But Drew said if I didn't he'd release his recipe for Manhattan Clam Chowder Saison.

So, how's the beer? A followup to my post about brewing the Zymatic way

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Ever since I posted my review of the Picobrew Zymatic ( the one question I've heard over and over again is "how's the beer?". Now that I've had a chance to ferment out 4-5 beers I made with the Zymatic, I'm prepared to answer that question. The answer is "It's as good as you make it!" What I mean by that is that the Zymatic is not in any way a limiting factor in beer quality...that's up to the brewer.

Conference Season - Come and See Us Do the Gum Flappy Thing

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Denny's been making the rounds to a bunch of events here on the West Coast. (He has the great advantage of being retired which grants extra flexibility in terms of availability) But we're about to hit the silly season of summer with two great conferences where we'll be speaking together on our "grumpy old men" tour.

Homebrewing the Zymatic Way

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I've been homebrewing for 17 years and in that time have brewed about 475 batches of beer. Nearly every one of those batches has been on my "Cheap'n'Easy" cooler mash tun system, as I chanted the mantra "The brewer makes the beer, the equipment doesn't". While I still love my cooler system, I may have to rethink that mantra.

Cleaning gets better

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When I started homebrewing, the friend who introduced me to it said that 90% of homebrewing is cleaning. Now, I've never tried to measure the exact percentage, but I do know that if you don't do the work, the results will show up in your beer. Like most homebrewers, I'm cheap so for years I've used Oxiclean Versatile (without the TSP sub that many think is necessary) to do my cleaning. Once in a while I'd pick up some PBW which seemed to work even better, but the cost kept me from using it as often as I would have liked.

The Next Shroomy

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You may be aware that one of my favorite beers is a chanterelle mushroom infused wee heavy that I call "Wee Shroomy" (recipe in Experimental Homebrewing"). I'm extremely luck y to line in the Pacific Northwest for a number of reasons, but one of the biggies is the surfeit of wild mushrooms we have here. During mushroom season, I can walk out of my back door and usually find the several pounds of mushrooms I need to make a batch of it.


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