6 Common Homebrew Myths

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Here's an article I wrote for the AHA website....


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Hello Denny,

I have been collecting and growing Neomexicanus Hops for five years. Kevin Sullivan mentioned you to me. He said you may be able to answer some of my questions. For instance, I just purchased a PicoBrew system. I have never brewed beer before and the only reason I am brewing now is to try to determine the brewing characteristics of each of these vines (I now have 750+ vines collected from as many locations). I plan to brew single hop batches using the same base for each different hop. Would a session IPA be the best recipe to use to acheive my goal?

Ceilidh Creech, Founder
Amalia Hops, LLC

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Hi Ceilidh!  Holy Cow!  That

Hi Ceilidh!  Holy Cow!  That's impressive!  Kevin sent me some info about you and I've been too swamped to reply!  Please email me at [email protected] and let's talk!  Heck, maybe we can even get Drew involved!

Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!

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Hey Denny! Love your podcast and eating it all up!   I heard you mention that you have a Grainfather.  I have been brewing with mine for about 6 months and really enjoy it.  I would be interested in your experience with it and any tips and tricks you would recommend.   Keep up the good work my friend!

Bill Ranta

Tecumseh, Michigan

"I Brew Therefore I am!"

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Hi Bill!  Glad yer diggin the

Hi Bill!  Glad yer diggin the cast!

I may not have as much Grainfather expereince as you do!  The biggest thing I've discoveres is that I have to bag the hops.  I tried both whole and pellets without bagging and imediately clogged the pump filter.  No matter how much O whirlpooled or scraped the filter I still couldn't get it to flow until I used bags.

Thaks for getting in touch!

Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!