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Well, with the year end madness over and the new year's madness not quite in full gear yet, it seems like a good time to share what I've been up to in the homebrewing world....

The American mild project is dead in the water at the moment. But that doesn't mean it's dead. The three test batches I've brewed so far haven't been stellar, but none of the totally sucked and they've given me some signs of where to take things. I'm looking forward to doing more experimenting with the recipe, but for now it will take a back seat to a couple other experiments. Not to mention brewing some beer I know and love in order to keep the beer fridge full!

Yesterday, the matsutake mushrooms went into the BGSA I brewed a few weeks back. Usually when I do an experimental beer like this I have at least some idea of what the finished product will be like. This one is likely to be a total surprise. The one light in the darkness is that when I added the mushrooms, the aromas of the beer and the mushrooms seemed complementary. Let's hope the flavors are, too! If you look closely at the pic below, you can see some of the shrooms floating in the beer.

My friend Mitch Scheele, who writes the homebrewing column for the Northwest Brewing News, contacted me about doing an evaluation of the effects of different sugars on beer flavor. Next Tues., we'll be brewing up 10 gal. of a pretty standard wort (pale malt with a touch of C60). At the end of the boil, we'll split it into 4 different fermenters and add different sugars to each. We'll be using honey, molasses, D-45 (from and muscovado sugar. When fermentation is done, we'll try to guess which is which in a blind tasting. But the main objective is simply to evaluate what each tastes like, not so much to decide which is "better". In a couple months we'll do another round with another batch of sugars.

In the world of "normal" brewing, tomorrow I'll be whipping up a batch of my Milo's Alt recipe (named for a dear departed cat) and after that a batch of Dean Larson's classic "Christmas Tree Ale" version of Sierra Nevada's Celebration.

So, let's hear about what you're brewing in the new year!

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Sounds like fun! I've got 20

Sounds like fun! I've got 20 gal fermenting currently- 2 x 10 gal split batch experiments. No mushrooms, though.

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Sounds like fun! I've got 20

Sounds like fun! I've got 20 gal fermenting currently- 2 x 10 gal split batch experiments. No mushrooms, though.


I brewed your Rye IPA recipe and bottled and gave it out to co-workers, friends and family for Christmas. I had great compliments from everyone. Going to scale it to 10 gallons next time. Thanks for a great recipe!

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I'm a teacher and today was a

I'm a teacher and today was a snow day, so that means brew day for me. I just brewed the second beer in a little hop experiment. This time I used El Dorado hops and I hope it turns out better than the first batch with Azacca hops. I also plan on brewing my annual American Barley wine this weekend. I think I'm going to try and make it with a parti-gyle, using the first runnings for the BW and the second runnings for a session IPA or "American Mild" sorta thang.

Dan Chisholm

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Have a lager-ish bubbling,

Have a lager-ish bubbling, made with pilsnermalt a little Maris Otter and hoped with Saaz. yeast Wyeast 2112 Calfornia lager. And I have your White Stout bubbling away also.
Have been thinking about brewing a rye wine or a rye abbey.

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Brewed a pair of small batch

Brewed a pair of small batch single hop tests a couple nights ago to get a feel for Pacific Jade and Stella (aka Ella). Standard American pale ale recipe.

Have 5 gallons of a German Pilsner fermenting from last Sunday's brew in my friend's garage. It was -30C out with a wind chill that made it feel like -50C. Good old Canadian Prairie Winter cold snap. The garage is insulated and we had a kerosene heater going so it was tolerable. Brewing a lager seemed fitting. It's my first lager and is inspired by the Sam Adam's Noble Pils. Brewed it with 4 out of the 5 noble hops as I wasn't able to source any Hersbrucker (not sure if it's technically a noble hop or not anyways). Missed my OG so it's more of a lite German Pilsner but should hopefully still be decent.

SMaSH attack

just finishing off the second of two smash brews, both using "clear Choice" malt and equinox hops,
the first one is going to be very low abv (2%), but the second should be about double that.