The Saison Files - Tasting Yeast Bay, Fermentis and the Loral Canyon "American Noble" Saison

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Time for another tasting! This time I'm going through two more Yeast Bay strains and Fermentis new dried Saison yeast - BE-134. And then, we get to taste the real humdinger - my Loral Canyon Saison using YCHops "American Noble" version of Loral. What happens when you use the less intense stuff? You get something I'm super jazzed about!


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Replacing my prior comment because I corresponded with YCH, and got the answer.  The "American Noble" hop product will be available to homebrewers "in the near future." 

I can think of many ways to use low aa% versions of these hops (Galaxy, Amarillo, Citra, etc) in non-IPA recipes. 

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Sorry I forgot to respond,

Sorry I forgot to respond, but yeah talking to YCH they indicated they were driving to have "American Nobles" ready in homebrew packaging by homebrew con.