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If you like Saisons (and who doesn't) and really want to know a lot more about them - I just dropped a new guide to Saison over on Help me out and let's get the rest of the yeast table filled out!

A Guide To Saisons and Saison Yeasts

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Danstar - Belle Saison

Excellent write up! I notice you have nothing for the Danstar Belle Saison dried yeast. This was acutally the first Saison I ever brewed. Initially it was awful, flat unearthy and no character at all.....until....
I tried to keg it, then dry hop it and then it got stuck in my cornie so I gave up, closed the lid and forgot about it for three months!
After this time I decided to try and revive it so I managed to get it out of the cornie and into bottles. After another three months this beer was amazing, exactly what I imagine you would expect from a live Saison yeast. Earthy, herbal yeast forward. I would highly recommend trying it but make sure it is left for a few months to mature, oh yeah ites highly attenuative too, mine went down to 1.003° and this was after the initial fermentation temp being 30-32°C.
Go for it!

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I've used Belle twice now and have a bit of a mixed reception on it, but I've never done it with the plain jane saison experimentale for a proper tasting. So, hopefully, I'll pick some up here shortly and work with it!

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This is the best list I've seen anywhere, and it would be AWESOME, if you could find the time for an update. *wink wink* maybe a good one for the IGORs to tackle.

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Wokring on it! Just got some

Wokring on it! Just got some more parts!