We Need I.G.O.R.s

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One of the things that Denny and I have been talking about behind y'alls back is some of the elements of the book. Listening to you kind folks it's definitely clear that we need some help with researching and experimenting to handle some of your thoughts. So here's our announcment - we're in need of some good I.G.O.R.s. The dots mean that it's an acronym! (Let's face it there's a shockingly large percentage of homebrewers who seem addicted to funny bacronyms. I'm looking at all the Q.U.A.F.F.s, M.A.L.T.S., S.A.A.Z, S.O.D.S., C.A.R.B.O.Y. of the brewing world. ) For Experimental Brewing IGOR means:


What we want is your help and quickly! IGOR participants will help us design and run some of our experiments and other bits of data. There will be a wall of IGOR recognition in the book and other debatable prizes. This name is also up for debate.

Basically, we need you to help us brew - after all Denny and I are but two brewers with day jobs! If you're interested, let us know at [email protected].

We appreciate your help!

P.S.: I have to keep Denny happy. To keep Denny happy, there needs to be this link: I-gor.

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I hope you're not expecting

I hope you're not expecting us to batch sparge.....

Batch Sparging Rules

Don't let anyone tell you differently!



I only know how to batch sparge...for my needs it really turns out great beer....not to complicated,

Frank Linkh