What are the different personality types of brewing?

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This is research, y'all!
I'm trying to lay out some of the differing personality aspects that make up the homebrewing world. Here's what I've got so far:

  • Those who brew using traditional processes because it's what's right to do
  • Those whose favorite aspect is messing around with equipment
  • The process geeks who get deep into understand the effect of a millimeter difference in mill gap setting
  • The crazies who think - you know what sounds good - a saison that tastes like guacamole
  • The bug hunters to whom Sacchramoyces is so last century
  • The guys who will ferment anything and we mean anything.
  • The folks who've specialized in doing the small things because renting a bigger apartment requires a promotion and an inheritance.

Who else do you think exists?

personality types

Guys who push the limits of alcohol in everything - just because. To heck with flavor or style!

Matt Chrispen

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The cheapskate

I have heard of people who try to home-brew to "save money". I think they end up getting out of it or realizing this goal doesn't work if they have absolutely anything else going on in their lives.

While you can do some stuff "on the cheap", I've found that the equipment cost and time involved quickly eats up any potential savings. If I didn't love the process and tweaking so much, it probably wouldn't be worth it.

Have a great day,
Jake Woldstad

The Spanish Inquisitor

Probably could also be called the "Hidebound". A first cousin to your first type in the intro - but with attitude. "If it isn't being done the way I do it then it's (pick one) wrong, false, heresy, a fad..."

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The Mythbuster?

Those who get off on testing conventional methods.

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The Captain Ahab

The brewer who is constantly tweaking recipes in order to find that perfect "white whale" beer. Some focus on one style and others (like myself) simply have too much beer ADD.

Dan Chisholm

The Regular 'Ol Brewer?

My approach to brewing is to take it easy, have a simple process with simple equipment, not worry about it too much, and make good beer.

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Look Back In Anger

The Researcher - those who are reviving beers that got lost during take overs , mergers , etc