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Professor J
Brewing Water

Hello all-I am starting to play around with water adjustments when I brew. I am reading through the 'Water' book that is part of the AHA's ingredient series. One thing I know I need to do is to dechlorinate my water as the water in my city water is full of chlorine. I have left water out overnight to try and degass it as well as boiling it. However, I would really like to start using activated carbon to filter out the chlorine as I sometimes (most of the time actully) forget to leave the water out or boil it before I want to use it. 

My questions are as follows:

1) How long does the water need to be in contact with the activated carbon for effective chlorine removal? 

2) What filtering system would you recommend for doing this?

3) I have considered buying something like the 'Bouncer' inline filter and stuffing it with activated carbon and running my water through that and then into the keg. Would that be a viable solution?

4) What else can you recommend for a water 'noob' such as myself?


Thanks a lot and I look forward to learning from you all.


I use one of those store

I use one of those store bought cartrige carbon filters that connects to the cold water line.  Sent my water for analysis and the chlorine was non detectable.  I run the water fairly slowly thru the filter to fill my 10 gal. hot liquor tank. 

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Professor J
Thanks for the info! I

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it!