Brew Files - Episode 30 - Wild for Mild

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The Brew is Out There!  STYLE SHOW

With Session Beer Day right around the corner (April 7th), it's time to visit one of Drew's absolute favorite beer styles - Mild. This blandly named style has a long and interesting history with many variations of what it means to be mild. So how about digging into one of the best beers you can quaff over a long session. Flat caps optional, but awesome beer is mandatory.


Shut Up About Barclay Perkins -

Homemade Invert Syrup Instructions:

Example Browning Colorant (note the lack of any spices):

Lyle's Golden Syrup:

Billington's Molasses Brown Sugar:

Briess Ashburne Mild Malt:

Briess Cherrywood:

White Labs Essex Ale:

White Labs Vault:

CDJK Mild:

Pale Oat Mild:

Cherrywood Smoked Mild:

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Adam Stine
drink more mild!

Great episode and a great job at quickly covering what is a very long and convoluted history of "mild".  I am very much in favor of Brown Malt in milds, but more like 5-10% of the grain bill.

Also wanted to note that the molasses used for replicating brewers's invert is blackstrap molasses and is much stronger flavored than standard molasses people use for baking.  And I personally don't bother to make the syrup anymore.  The inversion isn't important for the yeast.  (But is important for storage as a syrup rather than a block of sugar that is quite difficult to remove from a jar.)  I just add table sugar and blackstrap to the boil kettle on brew day to save myself some time and effort.

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Thanks Adam! Appreciate the

Thanks Adam! Appreciate the feedback!

Drink young

You say to drink young. Curious what you mean by that? 1-3 months?

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I'd say 1-2 months at the max

I'd say 1-2 months at the max.

I recently starting to brew

I recently starting to brew Milds and like just about everything about them so it was nice to hear an episode about this style. I will certainly keep making them; as you indicated you can pour a big ol stein and be just fine in the end. Good for "school night" sessions. 


I ask about the freshness date merely because I am shipping one off to NHC and it'll be a few day older than 2 months by the time they judge it so hoping it holds into that nice toasted oats I tossed in it.

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For first round, you should

For first round, you should be fine, but if you make the second round - you'll definitely want to brew fresh if your mild will be 2 months during judging at the 1st round.