Brew Files - Episode 43 - An Old Secret

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The Brew is Out There!  

On this week's episode, while last week we explored the new, this week we're taking a look at one of Denny's favorite "old" styles - Altbier. Come join as we try and explain exactly what makes an alt, an alt and how you can brew what we think is one of the best beers for the pending fall even if sometimes it's a secret.


Sticke Warriors:

Schumacher Alt Video:

Double Secret Prohibition Sticke Alt:

Milo's Alt:

Zum Uerige Alt:

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Lost Hops

If you are ever in North Carolina be sure to try Copper by Old Mecklenburg Brewery in Charlotte, maybe the oldest craft brewery in the state. I don't know if it meets all the guidelines for an Alt but it is delicious. If you are in Charlotte go to the brewery, wonderful place if you like German beer. Not a single IPA on the tap list.