Brew Files - Episode 73 - Pinch Pennies Wisely

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The Brew is Out There!  

Common wisdom dictates that trying to save money by brewing beer is a fool's errand like buying a boat to save on fish, but we're here to tell you that there are a few ways you can maximize your savings while still enjoying high quality beer. We're not about minmaxing here - just reminding you as your beer needs increase around the holidays, it's perfectly easy to pinch some pennies and enjoy a beer!

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Great episode! (and batch size)

Love the podcast generally and particularly liked this episode! I'm a small batch brewer and agree that this is more economical than larger batches, both from an ingredient and gear standpoint. I've found the best batch size that works for me is 2.5 gallons (just a tad less than the 3 gallons mentioned in the episode). A 2.5 gallon batch fits well in 3 gallon fermenters (I use the smallest size of Speidel fermenters), which are easy to find, take up less space, and are easier to move around than larger fermenters. At the end I have just about 1 case of beer. Thanks for all of the fantastic work you guys do with the podcast!