Facial Hair?

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An experiment that we must ponder: What is it with brewer's and facial hair? Is there an aura? A special contribution from the hair? Solar powered thinking machines?

But it can't just be solely the beard. The number of fantastic brewers of the distaff persuasion proves that. Maybe the beer is a vital substitution for something. Maybe it's a extra sensory organ amplifying a less responsive faculty. Who knows, but Denny and I are here for you, dear reader.

We are preparing for sale contemporaneously with the launch of the book, special "Brewer's Beard Kits" for the follically challenged. We hope that you'll like it!

At launch, we'll have two variants for sale:

The Drew

The Denny

The Drew Mk. 2 aka "The Sherlock"

We'll gladly take your feedback for additional styles of "brewers helpers" to offer!

Additional Offers

For a limited time only we'll provide you the opportunity to purchase additional extrasensory accessories like

The Wookie

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Not just the beards...check

Not just the beards...check out the hats!

Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!

Monster Mash
We need an updated pic

of your beard Drew!!

We have beards to collect spilled beer so we can save it for later...

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(And with more offers too!)

Steve Ruch
faciel hair

Have you seen any of the distaff persuasion before grooming and makeup? :)

"Remember, I'm pullin' for ya: we're all in this together" Red Green