2016 Survey!

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Hey you, out there in the cold...

Sorry, that's back to our stoner days! We've made it one full year and we need your opinions about what we're doing right and wrong. Give us your answers and your email and we'll enter you into a raffle of some cool brewing swag pack!

It's your chance to tell us directly how you feel and be heard!

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The interviews are cool, more

The interviews are cool, more about their thought processes would be better.

The experiments are pretty informative, lets find some of the fringe myths that need to be broken!

More nerdy stuff on how we as home brewers can push the envelope on processes, flavors and building what would be too expensive to try to buy.

Keep up the great stuff Gentlemen!

Nose Plugs for Science!


moe in queensland
keep it up

i love your podcast 

the only thing you could change to make it better is to make more of them.

keep it up!

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Awesome Podcast gents!  The

Awesome Podcast gents!  The NHC episode was my favorite.  Living in Hawaii doesn't make it easy to make it, so hearing all about it and listening to your interviews was great!

Keep it up!

P.S. I really enjoyed reading Homebrew All-Stars too!

I'm sort of new to the site

I'm sort of new to the site but have thoroughly enjoyed the interviews. The Denny and Drew banter during the podcast is also entertaining. I think the experimet(ation) stuff could use some refining but I'm not exactly sure what to suggest. Maybe lean more towards the hedonistic style "tests" and less towards things that rely on large sample sizes, tight control of variables, etc. I like the idea of the IGOR program and could see that taking off more in the future (did I just volunteer?!). Keep up the good work and keep on brewing.


Rock on Wayne Party on Garth

I'd like to hear Drew give the uke a shot one of these times.  As well I'd like to see if maybe you could line up an interview with a real statistician, to try and get to the bottom of the number crunching dilemma in which we find ourselves embroiled.  I have a feeling that the aggregation *may* be valid, but only if we also employ a means of excluding outliers based upon some sort of  deviation analysis of single result sets versus the results other IGORs.  But again that's just my crappy intuition rather than anything backed by real stats chops.