Episode 38 - Gluten Free Tanning

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Stand back everyone and hold our beer - we're going for a shorter show today! (Suspect Denny might need a temporary break from editing or something)

We do the feedback circuit, including a visit to the Correctional Department of Corrections, and then hit the pub for our recollections of Session Beer Day, some of our favorite April Fool's pranks from brewers (including one that wasn't actually a prank) and the upcoming Big Brew

In the lab, we finally have our results in from our BrewTan B experiment that we started last year. What do the guys make of the results and we talk with Joe Formanek of Anjinomoto about what they mean.

Then in the Lounge we actually visit a question that came in from a listener about her challenges making truly gluten free beer. Since neither of us are gluten free experts, we rope in an actual expert - James Neumeister of Portland's Ground Breaker Brewery, a gluten free brewery.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip on ya and explore one reason Drew would have something positive to say about the New York Yankees. (No, hell has not frozen over and yes, it involves dogs.)

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00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:05:10 Feedback

00:11:12 The Pub

00:23:21 The Lab - BrewTan B  - Does it make a difference to flavor?

00:50:31 The Lounge - Gluten Free Brewing with James Neumeister

01:02:51 Q&A

01:12:29 Quick Tip

01:14:38 Something Other Than Beer

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Jeff C.
BrewTan B Experiment

I'm a new listener and I love the idea of this website and the podcast but I have to say that you guys really blew it on the BrewTan B experiment report in the podcast.  Even though you readily admitted that the objective statistical data failed to show a measurable discriminable difference in the tasting panel you spent most of the coverage of the results giving anecdotal subjective reports (both from yourselves as well as the IGORs) about the benefits of BrewTan. As you know, a primary reason to perform blind experiments such as the triangle test is to elminate subjective bias and perform an objective test for the treatment effect.  Your statistical test failed to show a statistically significant benefit of BrewTan.  Now it is quite possible that the procedures of the experiment could be tweaked to increase the sensitivity to the possible benefits of BrewTan (by testing it on a particular beer style that might especially benefit from the product for instance), however until those experiments are performed you really ought not dismiss the objective data like you did.  

Again, even though I'm a new listener I've already become a big fan and have mostly agreed with you on things but I have to respectfully disagree with you guys on this one instance. 

Jeff C. 

denny's picture
Hey, Jeff, thanks so much for

Hey, Jeff, thanks so much for your comment.  Truthfully, I can't disagree with you.  We probably underplayed the statistics because our own experiences have been so positive.  I know that the back to back batches I brewed were markedly different, but I didn't have a chance to age them.  I also think that we could re run the experiment with tighter controls and maybe get more focused results.

Also, I don't know when you posted this, but we got late results that pushed it into significance.

At any rate, we really apreciate your comment....it pushes us to do better in the future.  I hope you'll keep on sending in your ideas whether you agree with us or not.


Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!

Jeff C.
Thanks Denny, you are right

Thanks Denny, you are right that I hadn't read the report after the addition of the new data.  The analysis with the new data now supports a real effect for BrewTan.  Now my only question is how can I get some?