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Braggot series

I keg my homebrew, and I usually end up with at least one-half gallon of beer when the keg is full. I used to just bottle it so that I would have a few bottles to take with me. Over the last couple of years I have made it a habit to make braggots out of all of my left over beer. If the OG of the beer is 1.060 or over I will add some diluted honey to it and let it ferment out, then bottle it. If the OG is lower, I usually just add some straight honey and let it ferment. Some of the braggots turn out to be very tasty; some are not so good. Cream Ale makes a great braggot base. Sister Star of the Sun...I should just leave well enough alone. It has been fun to try the same process with different kinds of beers.

Steve Ruch
A couple of years ago I

A couple of years ago I brewed a wheat beer and racked a gallon of it to a seperate carboy and added a pound of honey. It ended up between 9 and 10% and after a year was pretty good.

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