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Brett from book recipe

For Drew; I am confused about Brett. addition after complete primary fermentation on Cosmo. Trout. I want to use WLP 645 for Tropical. No nothing about Brett. uses. Sounds like I would put in secondary but not sure for how long. Could I put in secondary for 2-3 wks. bottle, then age. What can I expect from long term aging, and wouldn't your Citra D.H. aroma go away with Time?
I have brewed bookoo Belgians, but no experience with Brett. additions.

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Howdy - sorry - could have

Howdy - sorry - could have been more clear in the book and I'm afraid it got a little divorced from it's context. (there used to be a segment explaining all of this) I usually will add Brett as a post-primary ferment addition with a little bit of wort/sugar or fruit and then let the brett do it's business for a month or two before packaging. As for the Citra fading - I find that when combined with Brett C, they reinforce each other!

Hope that helps!