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I am a big fan of Grapefruit Sculpin, to me it does a great job of enhancing the fruity flavors of the hops, while also giving me a distinctly grapefruit flavor that I know is coming from more than just hops. I was thinking about making a batch and splitting into two vessels

Vessel 1: Just the Dryhop
Vessel 2: Dryhop + Fruit

Commercial examples:

Grapefruit Sculpin - Grapefruit
Pineapple Sculpin - Pineapple
Odell Tree Shaker Peach IPA - Peach
Dogfish Head Aprihop - Apricot

Homebrew possibilities:

Brewer's Gold + Black Currant
Galena + Black Currant
Citra + Mango
Citra + Lychee
Nelson Sauvin or Citra + Honeydew Melon
Nelson Sauvin + Gooseberry
Motueka + Passionfruit
Galaxy + Passionfruit
Bitter Gold + Pear
Fuggles + Dirt ;)

Obviously a lot of the "new school" type hops could be switched out, or tried side by side. In general I have chosen to stay away from the classic citrus fruits as I feel like that has been done a lot and done well by lots of people, so I am looking to branch out in different directions.

I would love any feedback, any pairings I may have missed, any hop varieties that I missed, any fruit suggestions or if you have tried something similar any knowledge from your experiments.

For these test batches I am thinking I would just use a simple blond ale, instead of an IPA base so that I can focus more on how the hops and fruit interact and then dial in the appropriate bitterness later (though I am not sure that there is much difference between a heavily dryhopped blonde and a contemporary IPA).

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Mmm... fruit and hops seems

Mmm... fruit and hops seems to be a hot topic now - particularly with all of these newer hops. I think you're starting down a good path of exploration. I'm about to play with the 007 which I think will have good fruiting characteristics.

And hey don't forget - Clusters + Blackberries + Cat Pee! :)

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I made 2 batches of ipa (2

I made 2 batches of ipa (2 weeks apart) with huell melon hops. They're a German hop with very strong musk/cantaloupe flavor and aroma. The intensity of the 15 minute last addition vs. Flame out addition was really dofferent. The flame out was juicy, but frankly I preferred the slightly dryer 15 minute addition.

Zero fruit required.