Gimme some sugar!

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Gimme some sugar!

I'm compiling a list of sugars used in brewing. Hit me with some ideas!

Piloncillo, Jaggery, Coconut

Piloncillo, Jaggery, Coconut sugar, Invert Sugar, treacle, mollasses, could ole table, demerara, turbinado. I have been a little unclear as to whether coconut sugar and palm sugar are different things, but palm sugar could be one.

This is a topic I was looking to explore for my next few batches. I am wondering what kind of base recipe would be best to test the flavor of various sugars? The last one I brewed was a Belgian pale, and I used jaggery. I went with 70% Belgian Pale, 20% Munich, and 10% Jaggery. Having never used jaggery before (except in stir fry, nom) I thought it might be a little too intense at anything above 10%. So, I will keep you all posted on the end results, if you like.

Next batch may be a dark lager with piloncillo and ancho peppers.

So it goes.

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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the suggestions and the info about your experiments. If you just want to find out about the sugars themselves, I'd be tempted to go with simpler recipes, like all pils malt, so the flavors wouldn't interfere. OTOH, your ideas are definitely creative and you should have some tasty beers.

Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!

Lots of good info from that
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I'm a fan of Whoppers (Chocolate Malt Balls) in Stouts, and RIS.

Cheap light brown sugar adds complexity I enjoy.


Don't forget lactose.

Don't forget lactose. Unfermentable dairy sugar that is essential in milk/sweet stouts. I've got one carbonating in bottle that I added cocoa nibs to in secondary and one in primary. Its a style I'm certainly going to explore more.

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I made an inverted candy corn

I made an inverted candy corn syrup for an pumpkin IIPA we did and an inverted candy cane syrup for a chocolate peppermint stout. The Pumpkin turned out amazing and just brewed the stout so will see where it lands.