Homebrew All-Stars (May 2016)

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Barry Cranston
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Homebrew All-Stars (May 2016)

The book arrived yesterday. I started to read it today. Did the quiz regarding what type of brewer I am and the results where:

A (recipe innovator) 22

B (process nerd) 21

C (traditionist) 22

D (wild one) 35 -I have never been called wild.

So it appears I am a traditionist that is a process nerdy, recipe innovator. A bit of all three really, life is too short be just one type of brewer. It might be time to go a bit wild.

I am only up to page 19!

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Innovator: 19

Innovator: 19

Scientist: 23

Traditionalist: 19

Wild: 39

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I think it's pretty common to

I think it's pretty common to maybe have one main archetype and a bit of others.  I know that I'm mainly a scientist/process nred, with touched of innovator and little OSM.

Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!