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Hi, fellers!

Just want to say hello as a new user/member & book owner here. Fun to get in on the ground floor of your new forum and site. Looks like it could get pretty popular pretty soon.
I have an Imperial Red Rye Ale (5 gal.) that's currently in it's second week of three in secondary ferm.
It's like this:
12.5 lb pale malt
1.5 lb rye malt
1.5 lb melanoiden
1 lb carafoam

1/2 oz warrior @ 60 mn
1/2 oz ekg & willamette @ 20 mn
1/2 oz ekg & willamette @ 5 mn

1 lb honey @ flameout

1 liter starter WY 1187 ringwood ale

The experimental part:
3 oz american oak chips soaked in Makers Mark Bourbon & 3 oz M/M bourbon added to the secondary.
So far, it all looks, smells and tastes great. You guys are right, this experimental stuff is pretty cool!

I'm new. I'll say "Hi".

I'm new. I'll say "Hi".

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Well hi back to everyone!

Well hi back to everyone!

Murph, that looks like it will be a good chewy beer so the oak and bourbon should be really interesting. Just make sure with the chips to check in frequently to make sure you're not over the top. Or go over the top, if that's your bag!