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PB2 Powder

Has anybody used this stuff? I basically used 8 oz. of 151 Everclear with 13 oz of PB2. The result was a mealy concoction that I'd hardly call a slurry. I am hesitant to add more EC as it may alter my flavor or shoot up my ABV.

Currently I have the concoction sitting in a mason jar and I am planning on adding it to my secondary this weekend or early next week. I am wondering if the EC is just needed to sanitize the PB2 rather than anything else and it can be added in it's mealy form. Or if I should add more EC to get the proper consistency prior to adding to the secondary.

If anyone has used this stuff in the fashion that they explain in the book, and had success, please let me know.

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Andy, I went and took a look

Andy, I went and took a look at the slurry in my brewery and this is what it looks like following the formula in the book

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Thanks Drew. I guess I'll add

Thanks Drew. I guess I'll add a little more Everclear to it to get the same consistency as the above picture (maybe a few more oz. will get me there).

When I look at the PB2 label it's basically a 1:2 ratio for liquid to powder; which would be right on at 6 oz of Everclear for the 12 oz of PB2. The only thing I can think of is that I should make the mixture slowly to avoid evaporation, or that is what I keep telling myself :/

I will add maybe 4 more oz of liquid (totaling 12 oz of EC) and post my results after the product is kegged. By doing some quick math, that should put me at about 7.2% ABV vs 6.6% (using 1/2 of the EC solution).

I was nervous about having jet fuel for homebrew, but now I am feeling much better about this.

Thank you for the reply.

I have brewed the Peanut

I have brewed the Peanut butter and jelly time beer and tasted it the other day.
The peanut butter taste came out really nice and also it has a nice peanut butter aroma.
There were 2 issues that bother me though:
1. It has a really strong alcoholic taste (my girlfriend liked it even though but to me it was a buzz kill).
2. It's head vanishes really quickely.

Is there a way to use PB2 in the secondary without sanitizing it with spirit? or is it surely gonna cause infection?
And how can I improve the head of this beer so it will have a nice fluffy creamy head like in the picture in the book?