Pork Chop Stout

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Pork Chop Stout

We've all heard a stout described as "a pork chop in every bottle", so a year ago I make a stout that had actual pork in it just for kicks. I cooked a pork loin in water with no salt, removed the pork to use for other things (like eating), chilled the liquid, which then gelled, and carefully removed the hardened tallow off the surface of the gelatin. The gelatin was added to the wort after I had run it off. This was a chocolate stout with cocoa in it, and it was hopped with Nelson Sauvin, which was an absolutely perfect hop for a chocolate stout in my opinion. It was a very nice stout. I brew a stout about once a year. This year's stout was made with sour cherry juice added to the fermenter late in the fermentation, also a chocolate stout. Very little roast barley, just enough to recognize it, and Midnight Wheat used for color. It was also a lager instead of an ale. I feel I used too much sour cherry concentrate...(16 oz in a 3 gallon brew).... It's pretty unmistakable, but everybody absolutely loves it........ I seem to be more critical of my beers than my friends are. I'd hoped for a more nuanced and less "in your face" cherry character.


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Remember - you'll always

Remember - you'll always notice the flaws because you were privy to the creation process, but I'm glad your friends enjoyed it!