Drew's Volume Calculator

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You heard about it on Episode 51 or on our Instagram feed, but Drew turned to some basic math to get around the need to make a "proper" measuring stick. 

A few notes about this Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Yup, it treats your kettle as an ideal cylinder. If you have a weird bottom, it may not perfectly reflective of your true volume
  2. Setup the sheet by choosing your units (english/metric). Input your kettle diameter and height in the green boxes in the purple region
  3. When it's time to measure, using a yard stick in your kettle (I use a metal one) and input the height in row 4. Row 5 will give you the volume both as read and minus a boil expansion (wort roughly expands 4% when at boil)
  4. To use target calculations, just enter the target start volume in Row 7 and your final target volume. Input your current OG in Row 6.  Everything else is all dandy!
  5. You can also input additional boil sugars in rows 11,12 and 13 to add gravity boosts.

Anything I missed?