Excellent books...however...

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Excellent books...however...

I recently purchased both Experimental Homebrewing and Homebrew All-Stars.

They're excellent...however...why no metric conversions of the recipes?

It's 2016 and homebrewing is becoming quite big all over the world and I'm sure your books will be sold all over the world as well (where 99% will use metric measurements). Is it really that hard to publish a book with both measurements in it? wink

I've been brewing since 2002 and read a big bunch of brewing litterature, many with metric conversions if I remember correctly. So one wonders..?

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I'll be honest - I think it

I'll be honest - I think it mostly comes down to Denny and I being tired old "English" unit doofus. I usually make sure to provide/review metric measures for my other efforts, but I will now go banish us ourselves to the noodly house of lashes. Maybe cat o nine tails length of 76 cm?

No worries. Thanks for taking

No worries. Thanks for taking the time to answer and for...ehh...that noodly thingy of 29,92 inches..comment! Whip it real good! devil