FAQ - Recipe & Experiments

Consider this the standing answers to commonly asked questions about our recipes and our experiments!

Recipe Q&A

  • Unless otherwise noted (or screwed up by Drew), non-guest recipes are calculated assuming a 72% efficiency and use the Tinseth formula. 
  • Volumes for recipes are measured at end of boil before moving to the fermenter


  • When a recipe is specified, it will be specified for a standard volume (e.g. 5.5 gallons), if you're splitting or growing a single batch into parts for the experiment, you can assume simple multiplication/division (iow, if you brew one batch to split in 2, assume you'll split everything in half. if you're brewing 11 gallons for 2 "full" batches, a straight doubling is fine)
  • Unless otherwise indicated, triangle tests should be conducted as outlined in About Triangle Testing