Gruit With Mint Ideas

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Gruit With Mint Ideas

Good day fine people!

I am tasked with brewing a beer with peppermint for a fun little game of mystery ingriedient.  I am not the biggest fan of anything mint and any mint beer I've had tasted like mouthwash.  I decided to go all in and do a gruit instead of the obvious chocolate mint stout.  I was thinking of doing a smoked mint gruit.  Is this something that could actually come out good?  What would be a good basic malt bill?  Lets start there.  This would be a 3 gallon BIAB, all grain batch.



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Hey Paddy - mint's a hell of

Hey Paddy - mint's a hell of a challenge and I like that you're steering away from the obvious chocolate mint thing. As for smoke and mint... I'm trying to picture it my head and I can't picture an equivalent culinary approach in Western culture. The closest I can think would be lamb with a mint sauce, but that's usually a roasted lamb, not a BBQ style.  

To fall into sorta "typical" cuisine patterns you'd want a really sweet smoke for the malt - so no peat. I would keep both the smoke and the mint at a really subtle level as well.