Gruit With Mint Ideas

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Gruit With Mint Ideas

Good day fine people!

I am tasked with brewing a beer with peppermint for a fun little game of mystery ingriedient.  I am not the biggest fan of anything mint and any mint beer I've had tasted like mouthwash.  I decided to go all in and do a gruit instead of the obvious chocolate mint stout.  I was thinking of doing a smoked mint gruit.  Is this something that could actually come out good?  What would be a good basic malt bill?  Lets start there.  This would be a 3 gallon BIAB, all grain batch.



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Hey Paddy - mint's a hell of

Hey Paddy - mint's a hell of a challenge and I like that you're steering away from the obvious chocolate mint thing. As for smoke and mint... I'm trying to picture it my head and I can't picture an equivalent culinary approach in Western culture. The closest I can think would be lamb with a mint sauce, but that's usually a roasted lamb, not a BBQ style.  

To fall into sorta "typical" cuisine patterns you'd want a really sweet smoke for the malt - so no peat. I would keep both the smoke and the mint at a really subtle level as well. 

My thoughts exactly, Drew.  I

My thoughts exactly, Drew.  I was going to go with Briess Cherrwood Smoked and picked up some organic loose dried mint.  I'm guessing some Pilsner for the base, maybe?  Maybe that's all.  Maybe a little Vienna?  


I have till our May meeting and I'm actually only kinda sorta looking forward to the outcome but totally completely looking forward to the finish.


Headed to the homebrew shop today to pick some other stuff up to make 2 of your 3 milds you talked about recently.  Very excited to make that Cherrywood Smoked Mild, my first smoked beer.



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