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Hop Bomb Saison

Hi all!

First time poster here. I'm currently a US expat living in Korea. Love the podcast. Just discovered it a couple months ago. Bought both books and had them shipped over here and am enjoying the first one.

Anyway, I just got a job in the States and will be returning in a couple months. Of course, this means that I need to use as much of my on-hand ingredients as possible as I don't want to waste them (or the money I already spent). So I'm wondering how much hops is too much. I'm planning on making a saison because I figure pretty much anything goes with that style (of course, I know this isn't entirely true). Gonna make a 5-gallon batch with 4kgs Pils malt, .5kg Wheat malt, and .5kg Caramunich2. Might add some Chocolate Rye too if I feel the urge, but this would be a very small amount and will be a game-time decision.

 The hops in my freezer are as follows:

  • 6.5oz Target (10aa)
  • 2oz Styrian Goldings (2.8aa)
  • 1oz EKG (5.1aa)
  • 1oz Hallertau (3aa)

The questions.......Can I use it all? And if so, or even if not so, how would you all hop this beer using the maximum amount of hops without making it unpleasant? I am fully expecting a very hoppy saison (an IPS?) and that sounds great to me. Just need a little direction. Last beer in Korea.....want to enjoy it.


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You know.. I'd say outside of

You know.. I'd say outside of the Target, you're good to chuck everything in. 6.5 oz of Target though will drop a bit of a bomb on your beer and I suspect too much so. (For reference I think I usually use about 1.0 of Target as a base bittering agent!)