The IGOR Program

I.G.O.R.: aka Independent Group Of Researchers. The IGORs are an important part of what we're trying to do here at Experimental Brew. What we're after is crowd sourced "science" focused on what we homebrewers are doing. Remember Denny's motto is "The best beer possible with the least effort possible while having the most fun possible." (Not nearly as catchy as "Relax. Don't Worry. Have a Homebrew", but it'll do.) So the core of the IGORs purpose is to help discover what really might be TBBPWTLEPWHTMFP (phew!) - for certain values of "the best beer". (Subjectivity is still an important element of the whole game) Why aren't you guys doing all the brewing? - There are only so many hours in the day and so many fermenters we control. Lots of questions need lots of brews to answer! But that's not the only reason! One important aspect of science is that reliability comes from repetition and recreation. Very few homebrewers (including us) have the precision necessary for ideal scientific experimentation, but by having multiple brewers run the experiment we can increase our trust in the results. After all, who knows with a single run of an experiment if the cause of the result was from our manipulation of the experiment or because a pigeon farted near the brew deck? As new ideas crop up, from us, from the IGORs, from the listeners, etc - we'll be get them into the calendar of experiments. (Got an idea for an experiment - [email protected])

IGOR Expectations

  • Volunteer for experiments (Not all of them, not even close - we're MAD scientists, not INSANE scientists)
  • Participate in the IGOR Discussion Group
  • Execute your volunteered experiments in a timely manner
  • Help us design new experiments!

Our Duties to the IGORs

  • Work to develop experiments in line with everyone's interests
  • Publish experiments and results in a timely fashion
  • Coordinate the whole mess
  • Give credit where it belongs
  • Build a reward and recognition system for IGORs

Experimentation Schedule (roughly barring unforeseen "what the hell" circumstances)

1st episode of the month - We announce a new experiment to conduct. 2nd episode of the month - We discuss the results of previous experiments. In general we expect to have roughly 6 weeks between most experiments being announced and their results being published. This is to give brewers time to prep, brew, package, test and report.

Becoming an IGOR

That's easy! Just email [email protected]. We'll get you setup right away!

IGOR Hall of Fame

Here we list those who've faithfully executed experiments

Experimenter Number Reported Experiments Done
Robert Allaway 2
Bob_In_So_CA 2
Ryan Casey 2
Nicki Forster 2
Jason Mundy 2
Casey Price 2
James Bird 1
Jason Click 1
The Mossy Owl 1
Tristan Smith 1
Andy Turlington 1
Miguel Loza 1