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Iron brewer

Here in PA, the local home brew club is running an iron brewer contest.  Concept is you get 3 items that must be used in your beer.  Need some help, the 3 ingredients selected are:

juniper berry


mandarina Bavaria hops


My thought is a pale ale similar to rogues.  

Also thought of a pilsner with juniper and orange peel.

any other ideas?





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The Juniper / Rice / and

The Juniper / Rice / and Bavaria make me want to think something Gin inspired. That might just be because I'm obsessed with those flavors though. :) Maybe a Rice Wit with the Juniper, Coriander, Orange, etc.

To close this out, I ended up

To close this out, I ended up doing a gin and tonic blonde ale.   I made a blonde ale with the manderina baveria hops and used flaked rice for 2 of the three ingrediants.  For the juniper, I created a tincture of juniper berry, coriander, lemon, lime, and orange zest.  I added the citrus juice as well as a 200 ml bottle of gin.  Steeped for a week.  I bottled a gallon using 30 ml of the tincture for the 16  oz bottle.  The rest of the blonde is on tap.   Came in 4th in the people choice voting.  Tasty,

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Lebanon PA