Mellowing out my ginger spice mead

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Erica Harrah
Mellowing out my ginger spice mead

So, I'm developing a recipe for a ginger spice "Gingerbread" mead. I'm trying to bring the flavors together a bit more... if that makes sense. I want to add a sort mellower, "cake-like" quality that will bring the spice flavors together and make them less harsh. It still needs to age a bit and the alcohol burn is still fairly strong.
This is a a very strongly flavored mead, I used buckwheat, honey,  whole cloves, cinnamon stick, fresh ginger and a vanilla bean. I added a bit of mollasses in the secondary to back sweeten. It tastes good but it just not quite what I was hoping to achieve.
A brewer I met suggested adding crushed graham crackers to my secondary. But I'm a bit dubious on that. 
Any suggestions are welcome.

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Yeah, ginger in a mead is

Yeah, ginger in a mead is potent. I made one ginger mead made based on a Charlie P's recipe when I was a new brewer. It took 6 years for it to finally mellow out! (And I love ginger!)

I don't think I'd add graham crackers because of the starch and contamination risk. You could always use a graham cracker extract ( if that's the flavor you want, but to me the primary flavors of gingerbread are ginger and molasses.