Brew Files - Episode 20 - Winning Feats of Strength

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The Brew Is Out There!

On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we sit down in the pre-GABF mayhem to talk Pro-Am Competitions with Oleg Shpyrko, winner of the 2017 Romancing the Beer Competition, and Shaun Smith of Camarillo's Institution Ale Company about why Pro-Am's are a thing and what it takes to transform a potent homebrew (a 9.3% abv Imperial Stout with Cocoa, Peppers and Vanilla) into a commercial brew.


Brew Files - Episode 19 - The Bad Apple

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A Cider Tote

The Brew Is Out There!

On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we get ready for the fall with a quick lesson in making America's founding beverage - cider. We come at it from two different points of view (surprise!) since Denny has actual apple trees and Drew has a giant city surrounding him (but apple orchards a short drive away!) But together, we'll get you to the right answer about to make great cider from some bad apples!

Sunsphere IPA

The first place winner in the 2017 AHA National Homebrew Competition in American IPA. Chase's IPA is a bit of a hybrid with a look back at the West Coast with some "new" New England flair. This is a little different than the version discussed on the show because it's his newer version

Episode 48 - A Fool's Quest

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Like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano - it's time for us to  return to answering your questions and boy are there a lot and we try and stay on point and not ramble - we try at least! Naturally we have business to conduct as well, but otherwise, we're making like Jeopardy champions and questioning our answers!

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