The Book Cometh!

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We just got exciting news - apparently the books are roughly a week from the warehouse. Meanwhile, Denny and I both have received our author copies and samples have been whizzing all around the country - which is kinda awesome and allows me to take a shot in my dining room like this: Very exciting stuff! It's the culmination of a little over 18 months of work.

New Zealand Brewers - Liquid Nitrogen Luplin Extract IPA

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I like goofy weird things - I'm not afraid to admit

I'm also not afraid to tell you that I love novel uses of things like liquid nitrogen. I'm just jealous I didn't think of this first! The brewers at Garage Project in New Zealand decided to play with using liquid nitrogen to separate "pure" lupulin from a bunch of Nelson Sauvin hops and then use that to produce their Hop # IPA. It's fairly novel and looks fairly straightforward.

To explain the process, they crafted a loving tribute to Breaking Bad.

Brewing up a new style

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Thought I'd start a thread to document my attempts at coming up with an "American Mild" ale. I want to end up with a sub 4% beer that doesn't have flavor and mouthfeel comparable to water! I'm basing it on the English Mild, obviously, but with American ingredients. My goal is to come up with a beer with the body and flavor impact of a traditional mild, although not the same flavor. I'm guessing this will take at least 3-6 attempts to get to what I have in mind.

A Virile Beer in the News

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A news story that I just read............
A Virile Beer?
According to a news item in Tokyo's Mainichi Daily News, a French brewery has started tests on a beer, said to contain natural aphrodisiacs, that does not affect the drinker's ability for making love. The Fischer brewery announced that the beer is currently being tested under strict medical control by 400 drinkers in France. The company insists that the announcement, made on April 3, was not an April Fools hoax.

Experiment - Comparing pellet hops to whole hops

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A couple months ago, my friend Mitch Scheele, who writes for the Northwest Brewing News, contacted me about an experiment he wanted to do. He had invented a piece of equipment he calls the “Hop Screw”. It’s a stainless tell cylinder with holes in it, a bar across the top to attach it to your boil kettle, and a plate and screw handle on top. A bit like a stainless cider press. The idea is that you attach it to your kettle before you start collecting wort.

The State of American Beer

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To my fellow beer freaks and geeks - read this and remember we have a long way to go. Compare the sales figures of the top 10 domestic brands to the top 10 craft brands. #1 on the craft list - Sam Adams (the whole lineup) with $329 million in sales. #10 on the Domestic - Miller High Life (just that brand) - $476 million
We are still the freaks and the geeks and I love it.

The State of American Beer (The Atlantic) (Hat tip to Denny for finding this link).


The Latest Experiment

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A friend who writes for the Northwest Brewing News contacted me recently about an experiment he wanted to do. It just so happens that it was an experiment we had written up for the book, so I was all for it. Since we haven't had the tasting yet, I won't give away what experiment it was, but in a couple weeks you can read the procedures and results here!

Return of the Wee Shroomy

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Here in Oregon, we had the best year for mushrooms in the last 20 years. Yummy bits of fungal goodness were popping up all over in the woods behind my house. When my wife came back from a walk in the woods with a grocery bag full of chanterelle mushrooms, it was time to brew the Wee Shroomy! If you don't know, that's a Scotch ale/wee heavy that has 2 1/2 lb. of chanterelles added to it after primary fermentation.

Coffee and Jalapenos

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For a long time I've been a proponent of a very simple method of adding coffee to your beer. My process is a long cold steep - 1 cup coarse ground coffee, 2-3 cups of filtered cold water. Mix in a French press, soak for 8 to 12 hours, press, filter and add to the beer in the keg/secondary.

I do this process a few times a week because it's a way of making coffee that my un-caffeinated brain can handle. Press, pour over ice with a little water dilute, drink, repeat until brain screams for mercy. One pot of coffee concentrate can last for several days in the fridge.

Radio Silence - No More!

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Hey, so you may have wondered what happened here - why have we gone full radio silence? Did Putin finally discover that we were going to bad mouth Russian beer? Oh, better yet - did Hitler discover all the mean things we have to say about the Reinheitsgebot and put the full might of German science into time travel so that he could stop us?


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