Preconception and Perception

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One of my biggest points in evaluating your experiments is knowing how to not fool yourself by letting what you think you know interfere with what you're trying to find out. Listening to an old podcast of America's Test Kitchen on my drive home last night, I learned about wine tastings conducted by Frederic Brochet. In a nutshell, in one tasting he served 2 glasses of the same white wine, only one was dyed red. Tasters proceeded to describe definite differences between the wines.

Southern California Homebrewer's Festival

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This year's edition of the Southern California Homebrewer's Festival featured 39 home brew clubs and a massive ton of beer. I saw everything I think you can make there from American Light Lagers to rip roaring super stupefying meads. Had some great beers like a brilliant Watermelon Sour where you could taste the rind. I never could find it again, so if you know who was pouring a watermelon sour beer at the SCHF, please let me know! ([email protected]).


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Rather than thank everyone individually for every post in the forums, I wanted to just give everybody an overall thanks for your contributions. We're off to a great start and we've got a long way to go, but every post is valuable to us and hopefully it will be to other homebrewers.

Big Brew

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Well, I hosted a Big Brew for the 14th time yesterday. 5 brewers, about a dozen drinkers. No strange ingredients used, unless you count all the crap that blew into kettles due to the high wind. every year, on the day after Big Brew as I clean up, I always seem to feel more than a year older since the last one!

SCHF Bound and Time to Find Wacky Ideas

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Hey everyone, so I'm sitting here I just packed up for tomorrow's Southern California Homebrew Festival at beautiful Lake Casitas, CA near Ojai. 1800 homebrew enthusiasts will gather around the lake looking to sample beers from nearly 30 different clubs. Each club has it's own little booth and lots of fun pouring strange things. If you think I'm not researching like a mad man at this fest, you don't know me so well!

Announcing Experimental Brewing - The Book

Coming in 2014 from Drew Beechum and Denny Conn is Experimental Brewing, a book about how to play with your beer. We'll be blogging the harrowing journey of two men, sitting in front of laptops pulling our hair. Actually, strike that, what we really want is your feedback. We've both spent an inordinate time online answering questions, reading other people's experiences and generally thinking way too much about homebrewing.



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