Draft Carbonation - Modified Slam/Shake vs. Gradual Carbonation

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It's happened to us all - too many kegs, not enough time left to "properly" carbonate your beer before it needs to be served. Who knows, maybe you have a party or club meeting. Maybe you just need a beer, damnit. 


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Does a modified slam and shake method result in a beer observably different than one done by the longer sit and wait methodology?

Brew Files - Episode 2 - The Crushable Cream Ale

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The Brew Is Out There!


This episode we give Denny's voice a rest as Drew explores one of his favorite beers to absolutely crush. (Yes, we know the irony of just talking about crushable on the other show, but if any beer style is crushable in a way that leaves you feeling respectable - it's cream ale). So sit back and let Drew tell you the story of Cream Ale - an American Original!

Episode Links:

Brew Files - Episode 1 - BVIP and Springtime in Amarillo

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The Brew Is Out There!

What's this? What's this? It's a new show from us! The Brew Files is our quick hit (~30 minutes) show dedicated to a specific brewing topic. No news, new extraneous guffawing and jawing - one topic, all beer, let's do this. Every week will tackle particular recipes, styles, techniques or ingredients.



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