Episode 44 - Pocket Pitching Seals - Updated

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UPDATE: Sorry, we had a bad render on our Bob interview. If you download again, you should be able to hear Bob now!

We start, as always, with your feedback and recap our successful charity effort, before we head to the Pub, where we reminisce about HomeBrewCon and what we did and enjoyed. We talk about a new seal (no not that one - that's later) and about Russian River's success and planned sale. 

Does Underpitching Make More "Flavorful" Beer

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In the never ending quest to find new ways to tinker with our beers and produce better flavors, it's been promoted that to produce more ester and phenol characters in a brew, one should pitch less yeast. 

The theory is pretty simple - esters and phenols can be by product of poor yeast health or a stressful fermentation. This gets pounded into your head during BJCP training and is one of the reasons brewers have been recommended to make starters to ensure they have plenty of healthy yeast at the ready to tackle the job.


Experiment Status: 

Does intentionally underpitching a beer cause a change in perceived esters/phenols?

Contest Information

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Jun-August 2017 

Win a Wyeast and Experimental Brewing Swag Bag!

For Q3, Denny and Drew have chosen a bunch of yeast strains to take advantage of the summer heat to make some damn fine beer! Here are the Q3 strains (releasing to homebrew shop in July 2017!)

Brew Files - Episode 12 - Wonderful Beer Lies

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The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we're breaking down some of our favorite beer myths. You know all of those colorful tales told best when you have a pint in front of you and your seat in a stool. Come with us as we explore some myths about color, storage, cellaring, lifestyle and history!

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What to See At HomeBrew Con - The Experimental Brewing Edition

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Come Join Us at the Party of the Year!

By this time next week, we'll be deep, deep in the midst of the AHA's annual homebrew party - HomebrewCon. This year's edition is a return to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for four (ok, three official, but c'mon!) days and nights of beery goodness. Here's our quick guide about what we're doing - what we want to check out and more!

Episode 40 - The Quality of Transformation

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New opening to the show this time through. Let's see how you like it (let us know!)

In the pub, we stop by and take about brewery charities and one in particular for Denny's area. We talk about one previous guest's new "kid" rules and the response, before we tackle the big Wicked news of the week and the really insidious piece that virtually no one is talking about behind the scenes.

Biotransformation - Dry Hop at Krausen vs. Dry Hop at Rest

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Our brewing partner in "science", Marshall "Brulosophy" Schott released results of a biotransformation experiment here. In it he brewed a NE IPA recipe that was double dry hopped. Two batches brewed with the first fermenting out for a few days before the second was brewed. The second batch received the first dose of dry hops while the beer was at high krausen. The first batch received it's dry hops after the beer was done fermenting.


Experiment Status: 

Does Dry Hopping a Beer During High Krausen Produce a Organoleptic Difference?

Look Ma, I'm in the Library!

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A few months back, I was contacted by Tiah Edmunson-Morton of Oregon State University and the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives. In an interesting turn of events, they wanted to talk to me about Oregon, homebrewing and my part in the whole scene. They are even archiving all the work we've done and adding it to their collection which includes the pioneering and humbling work of Fred Eckhardt.

Brew Files - Episode 9 - Hello Mother, Hello Father

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The Brew Is Out There!


On this week's episode of the Brew Files, it's time to pour one out for the parents in the brew world. Drew sits down with Tiffany Ashrafi, a Los Angeles area homebrewer, beer fanatic and mom-to-be, about her unique spin on making a beer for mom. With Mom covered, Denny and Drew sit down to talk about a beer for dad to have when tots are all grown up

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