Odd off flavors when I don't use whirlfloc (Grain Father)

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Odd off flavors when I don't use whirlfloc (Grain Father)


I love the podcasts and I was hoping to get some opinions from you guys and the group

Odd off flavors when I don't use whirlfloc

I'm not sure of the explanation but I have brewed dozens of beers in the Grainfather. The only two I have ever had a problem with were the two I didn't use whirlfloc?? The first was a New England IPA that we wanted a bit hazy. It had a burnt rubber taste. I chalked it up to the different yeast strain we used. But last batch I made a blonde ale and forgot the the whirlfloc and it had the exact same flavor. Can Anyone offer an explanation or experienced similar issues? 

I thought it may be a yeast issue for fermentation temp.  Strange thing is I have a WilliamsWarn machine that has full temp control, ferment all ales at the same temp, use an oxogen wand with a tank and use mr. malty to get the specific amount of yeast every time. I need to figure out what types of particles whirl floc drops out of the wort.

My theory is that since the GF doesnt have a good false bottom that small pieces of grain get through and burn on the element and the circulation distributes these particles into the wort. when left in during fermentation, it gives off a burnt taste.

I welcome any thoughts




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I've used my Grainfather

I've used my Grainfather quite a bit both with and without Whirlfloc (hey, I forget sometimes!).  I've never encountered that flavor either way.  What strains of yeast were they?  First use or reuse?  did you notice it before fermentation?  Let's start there.

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Hi Denny, 

Hi Denny, 

Thanks for the response.  for the New Englad IPA, I used the Wyeast London III and for the blonde ale I used So5.  both were first use.  I have not gotten into reusing Yeast yet.  

Unfortunatly, I didnt taste the wort prior to fermentation.  I am going to make a habit of doing that.  

If it wasn't the yeast, my other thought is my grain crush may be too fine, causing fine particles to pass through and burn???

I realize all the evidence points to a yeast issue.  I just find it strange that in 100 + brews (many in the GF) the only two I have ever had an issue with were the ones I used the GF with no whirl floc.  

Thanks agian for any insights.  

safe to say, I will be using whirfloc every time :)