Brew Files - 108 - What Makes The West Best

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The Brew is Out There!  

Last time, we covered Drew's favorite way to use hops. This time, it's Denny's! We break down the two West Coast IPA styles we agree on before Drew throws in a disputed third variety. Just how bitter does an IPA need to be to be West Coast?


Denny's Survivables West Coast IPA:

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West Coast IPA

Hi D & D,  Thanks for another very enjoyable episode.  When I first tried Sierra Nevada and New Albion Pales Ales, it was a game changer for a 21 year old looking for more and better flavor in beer.  I remember very well that Ballantine IPA was briefly available in southern California, although I have now learned that it was a later mass produced version.  Right after that, Ranier's Ale became my go to, largely because it was strong, full of flavor and inexpensive.  At the time I thought that the flavor of Ranier's was very similar to Ballantine's IPA, but I wonder if that was a result of my youth and naievte.  What do you think?

Robb Stewart