Brew Files - Episode 44 - A Crumby Stout

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The Brew is Out There!  

Every year the Maltose Falcons help the Los Angeles County Fair with their homemade beer competition. This year's winner Mike Hale of the High Desert Home Brewers Anonymous won for his beer called Crue's Crumbs, a Pecan Coffee Cake Imperial Stout. We sit down and try his beer, break down the recipe and break down the hype train that is the Pastry Stout.


Crues Crumb Recipe:
The Stuffed Sandwich:
Diaphragm pump:
LedMo Power Adapter:

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Sounds deeelicious. Drew

Sounds deeelicious. Drew seems to have confused a peristaltic pump for a diaphragm pump though. Totally different method of operation - a diaphragm pump has plenty of nooks and crannies and needs a good clean and sanitise post use.

How was the recirculation setup to minimise oxygenation - was the return submerged below the surfce of the beer with a CO2 purge on top?





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Good catch - I'm a

Good catch - I'm a chowderhead and yes - both input and output were below the liquid level.

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Boil time

Hey Drew this beer sounds amazing. Been looking to do a pastry stout for a while now. This recipe will be a great base +- a few ingredients. 

I've haven't tried my hand at high abv beers yet and was just curious as to the 180min boil time. 

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Yeah, a long, long boil time

Yeah, a long, long boil time for these beers isn't unusual because you need to concentrate the wort. The one gotcha is it's usually advised not to boil the hops for any longer than 90 minutes due to a possible change in their character.