Episode 11 - First Hops Then Rodney

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It's Episode 11 and experimental results are back! We start with listener feedback - namely, y'all really loved the Session Beer Recipe collection and the Q&A episode. Looks like we're going to have to keep answering questions! 

At the pub, we talk about how hops are being explored as actual medicine and why sadly this doesn't mean your Quadruple IPA is about to become "healthy", how our sponsor PicoBrew went to 11 for Denny and discuss why we feel that bars and breweries should offer samplers (and why the money crunchers back us up on this assertion). 

Then to the lab where we comb through the results of Denny's favorite experiment - First Wort Hopping vs. 60 minute bittering. First though we start with listener Tim Hagan's fairly clear explanation of the meaning of P-Value. We also talk about why some folks are encouraging a move away from P-Value as the end all be all of science. And then we dig into the experiment! What new and interesting twists did our IGORs find this time? Is there an actual impact here or are we living in a land of make believe?

We go to the Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference where Denny interviews Rodney Kibzey, multiple award winning brewer - no seriously, the man won the Sam Adams Longshot Competition twice. Rodney talks up his "secrets" for winning. So you might want to listen to the man.

Denny drops another quick tip from our AHA Forum friends - Don't Get Caught Up With The Shiny Gear!

Drew then leaves us with two something other than beers - Falcons nesting at Briess and then, because you, the listeners, asked Drew talks about how he lost 112 lbs in 13 months and still drank beer. 

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Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:03:28 Theme and Intro

00:05:20 Feedback

00:08:41 Beer Life from the Experimental Brewing Pub - Hops as Medicine, Pico Goes to 11, The Boon of Sampler Flights 

00:20:59 Casa Verde Labs - Exploring P-Value and Experimental Results - FWH vs Bittering

00:42:05 The Uke

00:42:36 Medal Secrets with Rodney Kibzey

01:05:37 Q&A wth Denny & Drew

01:25:38 Quick Tip - Don't Get Caught Up

01:27:42 Something Other Than Beer - Briess's Falcon's Nest & Drew's Weight Loss

01:40:04 Question of the Week, Wrap up and Coming Attractions

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FWH Experiment

I thought that I was the outlier for the FWH Experiment... Even though most of my tasters could pick out the different beer, it was pretty split on which one was preferred. I did notice that those that are hop-heads seemed to prefer the 60 minute hop and those that like the milder hopped beers appeared to prefer the FWH beer.



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ITunes vs. Android

The podcast never appeared on my ITunes subscription... but it did download on my android device.

Has anyone else had trouble receiving via ITUNES?


--- nevermind.. un/resubscribed.. Ok now.