Episode 17 - The Wrath of Conn

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First time ever! Denny and Drew and a thousand of their favorite friends are in the same room - the Expo hall at the 2016 American Homebrewer's Association "HomebrewCon". We sat down in the BrewcraftUSA booth and talked with a bunch of different folks including some of our sponsors and some of our very favorite people - including IGOR Nicki Forster who brought us a beer to taste, Marshall Schott who abused us with a triangle test and another listener, Keith Baker, who dropped a beer on Denny to make him crazy! This episode is jammed packed with questions, answers, and really interesting people so give it a listen! (Also this is your last chance to drop some money on the pooches before we get to our next charity!)

Also, a big thanks to listener Chris Nelson for our wonderful "Wrath of Conn" poster that you see on the site.

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Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:04:10 James Loughran - Loughran Family Malt

00:11:20 Teri Farendorf - Great Western

00:24:35 Jonathan Ettlie - Craftmeister

00:30:03 Nicki Forster Beer Tasting

00:39:25 Marshall Schott - Live Triangle Test

00:49:51 Annie Johnson - Pico Brew

00:59:53 Q&A: Boil Vigor

01:02:23 Chris Graham - More Beer

01:08:14 Audience Interaction - The Hop Hats

01:11:11 Brian Morton - Brewcraft USA

01:19:58 Keith Baker Beer Tasting with Randy Mosher

01:27:35 Randy Mosher

01:39:08 Clay and Jeremy - JaDeD Chillers

01:45:55 Audience Iteraction - The Sing Along

01:46:32 Tamara and Candy - Wyeast

01:51:16 Niko - NikoBrew

01:58:00 Q&A: Where do you get your Crazy Ideas

02:00:56 Q&A: The HomebrewCon Name

02:02:11 Q&A: Where Not To Cut Corners

02:05:48 Wrapup and Farewell

This episode is brought to you:

American Homebrewers Association

BrewCraft USA Craftmeister NikoBrew PicoBrew

Wyeast Labs


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