Episode 23 - The Great Hop Whirlpool of Bainbridge

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Busy Episode this time! Crammed with like - additional feedback to last episode's Staling results. Seems like some of you have been using scary old grain! In the pub we stop and talk a while about Denny's Hop School experiences (more on those later), the law in California and the crushing "loss" of Bosteels Brewery to ABI. (Maybe they should be Boo-steels now?) and one brewery's response to the recent PR campaign to try and make everyone feel better about the buyouts.

We swing by the brewery to talk about Drew's recent Saison yeast tasting - which you can find online. In the library we visit a couple of papers on yeast genetics. 

In the lab, we're happy to announce our next great experiment - brought to you by our sponsors, the American Homebrewer's Association and NikoBrew.com. We're going to get a whole squad of homebrewers making up some hoppy beers and having them analyzed and tasted! See the recipe and experiment writeup for details. We're super stoked for this!

Then Denny goes and talks to the folks out of Whirlpool's W Labs about their soon to launch all in one fermenter, fridge, kegerator - the Vessi. Then he heads off to the posh environs of Bainbridge Island WA to talk with Russell Everett of Bainbridge Brewing. Listen and find out what stout and noodles have to do with each other.

Then in Something Other Than Beer - we lament 2016's continuing losses - this time with Gene Wilder. Then Drew shares Sia's new video for "The Greatest" which is a bit of a gut punch. Lastly, to leave on a happy note - Drew also mentions Comixology for all your comic enjoyment.

Finally Denny drops a tip about how best to dry your hops. The key - a little bit of heat, but not too much if you want to preserve all the good oils!

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00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:04:13  Support Us

00:05:19 Listener Feedback

00:13:44  The Pub - Hop School, California Law, Sellouts

00:28:00 The Library - Yeast Genetics

00:42:00 The Lab - The Great IBU Experiment Announcement

00:52:48 The Lounge - W Labs - Vessi

01:12:24 The Lounge - Russel Everett - Bainbridge Island Brewing

01:54:01 Something Other Than Beer - Gene Wilder, Sia, Comixology

02:00:43 Quick Tip - Hop Drying

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Doritos beer

After listening to the Bainbridge interview, I got it in my head to brew the Cool Ranch Doritos beer.  I made a small stovetop batch on Saturday.  The Doritos made up about 1/3 of the grist and I used flaked corn for the calculations.  I got much better conversion than I expected.  I was worried that the preservatives might hurt it, but it was already fermening along 12 hours later.  We'll see how it comes out.

Thanks for the show, guys.

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Good on ya!  Let us know how

Good on ya!  Let us know how it comes out!

Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!

The Cool Ranch Doritos beer

The Cool Ranch Doritos beer came out decent.  My wife would disagree though.  I should have hopped it up more, but used Comet for late additions and dry hop.  It came out pretty bland malt wise, but I suppose that was kind of expected.  Conversion was better than expected and preservatives didn't affect fermentation.  My homebrew club drank a growler-of course, that doesn't mean it was good