Episode 28 - Uncommonly Common

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On this pre-Turkey Day here in the US, we found ourselves back in Portland in this episode and we're at a brewery right up Drew's alley!

We start in the pub with a brief discussion of what fine beers we'll be supping on while we're stuffing ourselves silly. We also look at some charity from No-Li Brewing, a rather "innovative" beer addition to the Not Your Father's lineup and Mike Tonsmiere's Kveik experiments.

In the brewery, we examine the speciality malt market and what it means for the tide of craft beer styles from a global perspective and Drew talks about revisiting one of his favorite projects from the past with White Labs Zurich Lager strain.

In the lounge, we visit with Sean Burke at Common's Brewing where we explore their farmhouse centric approach and how they grew into a beautiful space with strange equipment.

For a quick tip, we share a brief note on using Hop Extracts efficiently and cleanly. (And what not to do with them!)

We tackle more of your questions in our Q&A segment before closing you out with two of Drew's latest finds - HBO's Westworld and a Beastie Boys / Daft Punk Mashup that is pretty damn awesome.

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00:05:47 The Pub

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00:32:34  Lounge

01:20:27 Q&A

01:39:11 Quick Tip

01:41:20 Something Other Than Beer

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Which weyermann malt?

In your interview he mentions a particular weyermann pilsner malt but I couldn't quite understand what he said. Which was it?

[edit] never mind... Barke Pilsner...cool...

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Everyone's favorite currently

Everyone's favorite currently, it seems!

Brewery Pronunciation

Hey Guys-

Love the podcast! I was listening religiously from roidode 1 as the episodes dropped until kids' hockey season started, and I'm just getting caught back up. Congrats on your anniversary almost 1/2 a year late!

Nice shoutout to No-Li in Spokane - my favorite Spokane brewery. Besides being awesome brewers with super beer, they take great pride in their hometown, popularizing slogans like "Born and Raised" IPA and "Spokane Style". They distribute quite a few of their beers regionally these days.

The proper pronunciation for No-Li is like "No Lie". They were originally named "Northern Lights," but chose to rebrand and change their name after an east coast brewery usurped the moniker (and some beer names as well IIRC). The other brewery did not respond to any of their legal inquiries, so rather than spend any more cash or negative energy on fighting it, they chose to rename themselves with one of their local nicknames: No-Li - totally honest beer! (Which they used as part of their rebranding campaign) Kind of a fun story involving taking the high road, even when you're right!



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