Episode 32 - The IBU Is A Lie

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In the feedback we tackle Denny's favorite Myths according to our friends and some early feedback about our new show - The Brew Files!

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Episode 36 is an all Q&A episode - so get your questions in at [email protected]

In the pub, we talk ABI's latest beer "innovations", what Asahi taking over Pilsner Urquell from SAB Miller will mean for the original Pilsner and the annual hop crop report and what we can expect to see.

In the brewery, Denny covers his recent experience with the Grainfather.

In the lab, we finally get to the results of our Great IBU Experiment brought to you by NikoBrew.com, the AHA, Oregon Brew Lab and the IGORs! First you'll hear from Dana Garves of Oregon Brew Lab describing her journey into Beer Science and how she opened OBL. She'll describe the testing she performed for us and even offer more testing suggestions. And then we bring in special guest star of the episode - the man behind the equation - Dr. Glenn Tinseth. 

We tackle a few more of your questions in our Q&A segment and then a listen offers a quickly tips about winter brewing before we close out with Drew's new book - Eight Flavors!

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Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:05:21 Feedback

00:12:50 The Pub

00:25:30 The Brewery - Grainfather

00:35:37  The Lab - The Great IBU Test

00:38:04 The Lab - Dana of Oregon Brew Lab

00:52:35 The Lab - Glenn Tinseth 

01:32:07 Q&A

01:42:23 Quick Tip & Something Other Than Beer

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Data Availability

It would be very useful I think to see the data from the experiment and compare the calculated and measured IBUs in conjunciton with the sort of systems the IGORs were using. Any chance that this information could be posted on the blog?