Episode 4 - Brew Year's Resolutions (A Meditation on Possible Failure) and the Best Amendment

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In Episode 4 - Denny and Drew reflect on the feedback we received about our discussion of the decline of homebrewing before we head to the Pub to talk about socially conscious brewing projects like Lady Justice Brewing in Denver and we talk about the Brew Tube community and how they're coming together after a loss. After that we return to Casa Verde to make plans and let the universe laugh at us as we reveal what our Brew Years Resolutions are. Seriously, that's just asking for failure. We'll see in a year no matter how much Denny protests the topic! Back to the Bay Area we go with another round of San Francisco treats as we bring you our first listener tasting ever. Things get a little dicey and Drew has to run. Warning the audio does get a little hairy! Note to listeners - if you know we'll be somewhere, feel free to bring beer for us to taste. It's a mandate of our parole from the Gambrinus Asylum for the Brewingly Insane that we taste your beer and offer critiques. Be warned though - you may end up on the air! Tasting concluded, we head to San Leandro and Rancho El Sully aka the 21st Amendment's gobsmackingly awesome production brewery in a former Kellogg's factory. We spend quite a bit of time chatting up one of the friendliest people in the brewing world, Shaun O'Sullivan and he reveals what it's like to grow from a wee little brewpub to a gianormous beer factory. Back in the lab, we take your questions about batch sparging, homebrew ruts, terrifying beer concepts and Denny's hair care regimen. Before we leave you for the episode, Drew also talks a little beer chemistry you should all know! Episode Links:

Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:01:16 Theme and Intro!

00:03:56 Listener Feedback

00:06:35 Beer Life from the Experimental Brewing Pub - Lady Justice Brewing & BrewTube

00:14:03 Experimental Catchup and Brew Year's Resolutions from Casa Verde

00:29:01 Ukulele Break!

00:29:30 Live Listener Beer Tasting & Troubleshooting

00:37:24 Interviewing Shaun O'Sullivan at the 21st Amendment Brewery

01:04:30 Q&A with Denny & Drew

01:16:49 Quick Tip - Destroying Beerstone

01:19:00 Wrap up

01:21:40 Boogie of the Bells (full version for your holiday dancing!)

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Hello.  I'm a new listener to the podcast.  I must ask you, who performed the Christmas music in this episode?  Is it available anywhere?