Episode 42 - Hopping and Festing With Nick

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Hey, guess what - it's our first repeat guest! (We think - who can keep track?)

But first, an announcement:

Homebrew Con (15-17) 
        14th - 6:00 PM Trivia at Chop & Bru Party - See ChopandBrew.com for ticket details
        15th - Hold My Beer and Watch Me Science 
        16th - Panel: Building a Great Homebrew Club / Craftmeister / Book Signing / Podcast at BrewCraftUSA Booth
        17th - Denny Rests, Maybe

In the feedback, we take a moment to re-visit some questions about Bio-Transformation and address some very pointed criticism about our Brew-Tan experiment. 

In the pub, we enjoy a pint or two we raise a pint to Peter Simpson,  talk a big beer slide, how to avoid selling out to the IPA-borg and a Chinese Bud Bust.

Inspired by the MBAA Master Brewers podcast, we stop by the library and look at Barth-Haas's latest dissection of hop flavor and aroma as spurred by all these fancy new hops we have at hand. 

We stop in the brewery to review Drew's reviews of several malts, including those from our sponsor, Mecca Grade Estate. Which malt will reign supreme?

Then in the Lounge, it's a double dose of interviews - first, live from the Southern California Homebrewers Fest, Drew and Marshall Schott (Brülosophy) interview Kevin Baranowski about his attempt to wake everyone up at the Fest with a Sweet Stout served through a Randall stuffed with Bourbon soaked coffee beans. Then, with podcast magic, we blink our eyes and suddenly Drew swings up to the Bay Area and catches up with Nick Impellitteri about what's happening with the Yeast Bay.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip from a listener and inspired by our last Brew Files episode and Denny talks about his newest PBS obsession!

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Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Opening & Our Sponsors & Announcements

00:09:51 Feedback

00:17:51 The Pub

00:36:10 The Library - Hop Language

00:41:51 The Brewery - Malt Tasting

00:47:48 The Lounge - SCHF - Marshall, Drew and Kevin Baranowski

01:14:55 The Lounge - Berkely - Nick Impellitteri of the Yeast Bay

01:42:25 Q&A

01:55:54 Quick Tip

01:57:18 Something Other Than Beer

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Regarding Hops Characterization

For anyone interested in a summary of the MBAA TQ article on characterizing hops, I wrote up a review of the paper on the MTF wiki here: http://www.milkthefunk.com/wiki/Hops#Characterizing_Hop_Flavor_and_Aroma

Another member of MTF also created a spider graph background that anyone can download and use.



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Thanks Dan! I'll send up a

Thanks Dan! I'll send up a link about that later!