Episode 5 - Whirlpooling Around the Yeast Bay

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In Episode 5 - Denny and Drew look back at the Brew Year's Resolutions where we've had a bunch of feedback from listeners. We talk in the pub about the latest in acquisitions with the sweet spicy addition of hypocrisy - throw in a little competition and Denny's soon to be appearance in Vail. After that we return to the lab to present our second experiment. This time we're exploring if throwing hops into a whirlpool steep at a lower temperature (120F) makes a qualitative difference in the beer over throwing them in at the "new" recommended temperature of 170F. In theory, 120F should preserve more of the volatile aromatic compounds we care about, but does it actually matter? Back to the Bay Area we go with a pint at Oakland's very lovely Trappist where we talk with Nick Impellitteri of the Yeast Bay about his unique take on a yeast company and what he truly enjoys in regards to the little critters. He's got some fun directions he's hoping to take things and who knows - they may be future cross collaborations to happen! Finally we take your questions, Denny provides a little lesson in French and Drew tells us about the latest gadget he's gotten in his ill advised attempts to explode his heart via caffeine consumption. How about it, our fellow scientists - Are you ready for some hopping?!? Episode Links:

Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:01:16 Theme and Intro and Listener Feedback

00:06:27 Beer Life from the Experimental Brewing Pub - Lady Justice Brewing & BrewTube

00:19:35 Experiment #2 Whirlpools from the Casa Verde Labs

00:29:38 Ukulele Break!

00:30:00 The Yeast Bay with Nick Impellitteri at the Trappist

01:02:36 Q&A with Denny & Drew

01:18:41 Quick Tip - Mise en Place

01:21:09 Something Other Than Beer - The Toddy

01:24:59 Wrap up and Coming Attractions

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Favorite curse words

Ha! you missed the bleep on at least one use of Nick's favorite curse word.


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I blame our editor. :)

I blame our editor. :)

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Well, bleep....;)

Well, bleep....;)

Life begins at 60....1.060, that is!

Drews Audio problemos

Love the podcast. Really noticed in this episode that Drews Audio goes up and down so it makes it hard to completely get what he's saying. Maybe it's his fast clipped style of speaking. Where as Denny is so mellow he's easy to hear. Just an observation who knows maybe it's my Apple earbuds!?

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We definitely had problems

We definitely had problems with my audio in this recording, but there are a couple of equipment tweaks we've made and hopefully I should be more steady and just as clipped and fast!

Well that is your style of

Well that is your style of speech but the mic wasn't fast enough to catch it all I guess!