Episode 8 - A Southern Whirl

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In Episode 8 - Denny and Drew remind listeners about the upcoming Q&A episode. (Send your questions to [email protected]) They run off to the pub and discuss a potential canning crisis, actual grown up science, the upcoming Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference and Denny's run for the Governing Committee. Then they visit a new location for the podcast - the brewery (who woulda guessed) to discuss the availability of the Idaho 7 hop (currently branded 007 The Golden Hop) and Weyermann's Barke Malt. And then to the lab where the guys are joined by Marshall "Brulosophy" Schott, to discuss the results of the Hop Whirlpool Temperature Test. Does it make a difference if you whirlpool your hops at 120F instead of 170F. (In theory, fewer hop oils get volatilized at the lower temp). What was the result? Listen! Once again, hoppy times are brought to you by NikoBrew.com! Back to the Bay Area - no not the San Francisco Bay Area - the Tampa Bay Area where Drew conducts an interview with Brian Fenstermacher at his homebrew store turned nanobrewery - Southern Brewing & Winemaking. Brian has a long history in the craft brewing industry and eventually ended up opening a great homebrew store. Unable to leave the beer world completely behind, he turned the homebrew store into a nano brew with an impressive 24 taps being brewed on a nano-scale. Listen to the interview to discover the incredibly intricate system he's created for his brewers to keep that variety running! Denny and Drew take your questions and lie about all of their answers. Denny drops another quick tip from our AHA Forum friends about creating a quick chilled carbonated sample of your beer to let you speedily evaluate your beer. Marshall then drops in with his love of music on our "Something Non-Beery" segment. Episode Links:

Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:02:25 Theme and Intro and Listener Feedback

00:05:57 Beer Life from the Experimental Brewing Pub - Can Shortage, Actual Science, Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference, AHA Governing Committee Election

00:18:15 The Brewery - 007 Golden Hop, Barke Malt

00:26:00 Casa Verde Labs - Experiment #2 Results - Whirlpool Hopping

00:51:33 Southern Brewing & Winemaking in Tampa

01:44:38 Uke Break!

01:45:09 Q&A with Denny & Drew

02:03:45 Quick Tip - Quick Carbonated Samples

02:05:11 Something Other Than Beer - Marshall's Music

02:07:12 Question of the Week, Wrap up and Coming Attractions This episode is brought to you:

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