Episode 86 - Resolving The Secret Of The Hop

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We've survived the PGPDF and are back and catching back up! We've got a whole slew of feedback, news stories, brew sessions, hop science, micro-resolutions (aka things we think we can do), a listener's brewing experience and... the juicy story of why you can buy Columbus, Tomahawk or Zeus in the hop freezer - sit back for a lesson in farm spying!

Show note - ~34 minutes, Denny says "gypsum, chloride". He meant "gypsum, calcium chloride"

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00:00:00 Opening & Our Sponsors

00:03:11 Announcements & Feedback

00:15:20 The Pub

00:30:41 The Brewery 

00:40:21 The Lab - Hop Science and the Story of CTZ

00:56:53 The Lounge - Micro-Resolutions and Brewing Experiences

01:08:15 Q&A

01:19:17 Quick Tip & Something Other Than Beer

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Dry hops

Hi Denny and Drew. 

The timing of this podcast couldn’t have been better! I am brewing a SMaSH beer for a competition and was pondering about how to dry hop it. It had reached its final expected SG of 1.016 ( I wanted a fuller body). However due to last minute changes to my brew day (my daughters gymastics display didn’t fit in as neatly as I expected!), I had to adjust my boil length to 40 minutes and therefore was off in my OG by several points. The final ABV is 4% and the completion requires 5% +/- 0.5, So I listened with interest that dry hopping may lower my FG and give me a bit more alcohol. 

I added 100g to 20 litres and sure enough I have dropped my FG by 4 points and the beer had lost the residual sweetness it had. So I looks like the hops did provide some enzyme activity to break down the unfermetable sugars? The only other thing I did was gently swirl the fermenter after adding the hop pellets and this may have lightly disturbed the yeast bed. It is possible fermentation hadn’t finished and all I did was resuspend the yeast? I have a tilt hydrometer and it certainly looked like the fermentation had finished. I also had increased the fermentation temperature from 18 to 20 beforehand with no change in FG. 

I never check the FG after dry hopping so I suspect I have missed this previously. I also tend to disregard my tilt hydrometer after hopping, as I suspected the variable readings were due to hop matter sticking to it. 

Interesting stuff!!

Thanks again




follow up

Hi Guys. thanks for the read out on the podcast. I'm glad is sparked some debate. As far as i am concerned it was just an interesting finding as there was too many variables. However there were definitely plenty of yeast in suspension still, as i added the hops and watched the SG drop before i cold crashed. My hydrometer reading samples were cloudy. 

Trying now to work out how to fit 2 fermenters into my fermentation fridge for a proper side by side study!!

Thanks again,




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Thank you for writing in!

Thank you for writing in!

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Hey Paul - how many days did

Hey Paul - how many days did you have the beer on the dry hops and how long to notice the gravity drop?

Hi Drew,

Hi Drew,

dry hops added at day 7 and were in there for 6 days before i racked it off. Only checked the FG just before racking so that was the first i knew that it had dropped further.

Will try and repeat it again soon!