Purging Keg, Etc. Etc. Etc.

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Purging Keg, Etc. Etc. Etc.

Since Drew keeps talking about his keg purging via sanitizer, etc. (and by keeps talking about, I mean has come up on a few episodes now)... I can't help but wonder why not just use priming sugar in the keg to carbonate and utilize your yeast to scavange the vast majority of oxygen from the beer. 

A recent podcast by Fermentation Nation on low-oxygen brewing (http://fermentationnation.net/2016/11/episode-43-low-oxygen-brewing-with...) talked about using the yeast in the keg to avoid oxidation. Even if you let beer ferment to terminal gravity and use priming sugar, this seems to be easier and more effective and would eliminate the need for us to keep hearing about keg purging...

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Largely because I don't want

Largely because I don't want all the extra yeast in the keg which might scavenge oxygen, but also then lead to troublesome sediments that can affect beer shelf life as well.

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This experiment comes at the

This experiment comes at the perfect time as I've been working to reduce oxidation to improve my beer.  I've tried the purge method on the last 2 beers I've kegged and need a few weeks before I can make an assessment.  My concern with this method is the residual sanitizer (water) that's remains in the keg after the  purge. I was recently on a brewery tour and the brewer there felt it was important to dry bottles with sterile air after sanitizing to mimimize the beers contact with water.  Since water is part O2, this contact could lead to oxidation over time.

Should I be concerned about this when using the proposed purge method?