Crue Crumbs

A giant roasted pecan, cinnamon, vanilla infused imperial stout

Recipe Author: 

Mike Hale

Beer Style: 

Pastry Stout

Batch Size: 

6.00 gallons

Boil Time: 

180 minutes

Original Gravity: 


FInal Gravity: 







10.20% ABV


9.75lbs Golden Promise

6.33 lbs Great Western Pale Malt

2.33 lbs Caramunich II

2.00 lbs Flaked Oats

0.50 lbs Midnight Wheat

1.13 lbs Franco-Belge Kiln Coffee Malt

1.13 lbs Simpsons Double Roasted Crystal

0.50 lbs Chateau Chocolat malt

1.50 lbs Maltodextrin (added to boil)

1.00 lb Dextrose (boil)

Mashing Instructions: 

Single Infusion 158°F for 60 minutes


1.85 oz Magnum 12%AA for 60 minutes

Extra Ingredients: 

5 gallon Bourbon Barrel

2.0 lbs Roasted Pecans (Roasted at 300°F 15-20 minutes - 3 times, First roasted whole, second roasted cracked, third roasted after pulverizing in a food processor

0.6 oz Roasted Saigon Cinnamon powder

9 whole Vanilla beans

RO Water treated to hit 85ppm CA, 0ppm Sulfate, 100ppm Chloride


WLP099 San Diego Super Yeast

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Ferment beer in normal primary. Racked to barrel for brief aging.

Racked from barrel into a secondary for a 2 day rest with pecans, cinnamon, vanilla beans in a mesh bag. Use a diaphragm pump to recirculate the beer the whole time.